Birthday Memories, Moments, and Loot

December 22nd!!!! May not mean much to some, but to me it meant the world…quite literally. It was the day I was born. 12:01 pm to be exact, no wonder I love lunch time the best! Normally this time of year I feel bouncy, full of life and wonderment.  The smells of Christmas just around the corner, the merry lights strung throughout the city, wreaths bringing joy to every door, and my birthday with major gifts to score (intentional rhyme couldn’t help myself).  Yet this year, I feel the more I age (though I am young, to some), the more I realize it isn’t the material things that really give the gift of being alive, being born, it is the moments I share with the ones I love.  May sound cliché, and I’m definitely not saying that I do not enjoy gifts, this year it became more apparent to me maybe I should be thanking my mom and dad on my birthday for bringing me into this world, rather than mostly celebrating myself.

Through many sudden epiphanies, I did enjoy a trip with my boyfriend on the 21st, through LA traffic and all.

First stop we made was to a classy and cute restaurant in San Marino, CA. This tiny place called Julienne, a French-American style restaurant, serving plates from $11-$30. A bit expensive for our tastes but I wanted to give it a try.

JulienneOutside Julienne

I ordered a Grilled Breast of Chicken with Arugula, caramelized onions, citrus aioli, on a soft Paninni, on the side pommes frite (French fries with skins), and a cup of French Onion Soup.  My beau ordered the Julienne Hamburger made with real Angus beef, topped with caramelized onions.  Though it seemed that both would be quite the devilish treat it did leave something in want.  The hamburger seemed a bit too messy and began to fall apart, and we both agreed bacon would have made it ten times better.  However, other then the simple mistakes in our food I did enjoy my time there.  Great atmosphere and the food did taste delicious.

Our next trip for my early birthday extravaganza, we decided to take a trip on down to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, CA.




The view was spectacular, taking the tram up the mountain to where creativity and artistry thrive above all the chaos and trouble below.  It felt so symbolic and peaceful, I loved everything about it. Seeing so many new things I have never seen before, seeing such famous artists such as Van Gogh and Money works of art so close I could touch it, felt like I was apart of something or apart of them, as if they were still alive.  It is true every writer, every artist who ever creates anything, if they pour their heart and soul into it, they truly will give a piece of their soul into it.  So I suppose in truth every single person was there, through their works, their lives.

and the best part about it (though parking was $15 dollars) admission was free!!!!!!!


Spending most of my day with my parents and of course my Labrador, Beau.  My boyfriend came over and we commenced the birthday traditions.  Blowing out the candles on my cakes, wishing for something only I can tell to myself, the gifts arrived and what I received I was not disappointed. My boyfriend, who I must say has the most open ears, best memory, and sweetest intent, remembered me loving this jacket months and months ago.  That has to be the one of the biggest qualities that I love about him.  The jacket he gave me was a black leather Levi Strauss, I have never really owned a nice tight leather jacket before but this one takes the cake of the cakes,  not shiny at all, it has such a nice matte and rugged finish to it. The other present I received from him was from his lovely mother, a World Market gift card.  Such a wonderful store if you ever are interested in foods, furniture, or interesting tidbits from other countries.

The next gifts were from my parents, the big poster was from An Evening with Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer.  Victorian-esque background with velvet (definitely going in a frame).

The two CDS, of which I am very excited to play in my car while driving back and forth from school (just because it’ll feel all together epic, and like I’m actually in a movie), were John Williams Greatest Hits 1969-1999 and the Jurassic Park Soundtrack.  In case you are unaware of who John Williams is, he has to be one of the  greatest Composers of all time. Creating such classics for Jaws, Star Wars, Indianna Jones, Harry Potter, E.T., and much more.

Another great collection my parents gave me were three movies missing from my Hayao Miyazaki Collection (Spirited Away).  I got Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, and the Cat Returns.  (If you are interested in the stories of any of these movies, or what I think of them let me know and I might do a review).

The last and final gift I received from my parents was the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, fantastic philosophical book based off of Toltec Wisdom.  In this book we learn in depth the four basic agreements we should make with ourselves to live a free and happy life, of love and truth, “Be impeccable with your word, Don’t take anything personally, Don’t make assumptions, and Always do your best” of course the book goes way more into detail about them, haven’t finished it yet but I highly recommend it.


All in all it was a fantastic birthday, a learning experience for me to realize it isn’t about how many birthday wishes, gifts, or attention you get from the world because its your birthday but be thankful the ones that you have right in front of you or the ones who actually care about you.  I don’t need a billion gifts or a billion candles to wish on to realize that or to even make it come true.  As long as I love myself and love the ones that love me back, I should be happy every birthday I have until my last breath.

Hope you are all safe and happy, all the love in the world I wish your way.  Thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed.

mourningdoves7 >*<

The Moment We Live We Breathe

Hello Big Strange and Beautiful world.  In and out of posting this one particular blog has been a dilemma of mine for the past half-hour.  Quite impressive seeing as how I have actually been keeping myself from creating a blog for the last 5 months. So I dare say this is quite an improvement.

What does it mean “the moment we live, we breathe”? Some might be thinking the obvious, “Well if we are living doesn’t that technically mean we are already breathing?” And I say to those who say that, you couldn’t be more right.  Yet there are people who are breathing, but not living.

This blog will be my way of showing myself and maybe to whomever reads this blog, that its ok to be scared to live, but it will be the only way we can truly breathe, the only way we can truly be free.

I will take you on my journey through my everyday (or some days) life, my thoughts, my rants, my favorites, my randomness that is who I am.  My life is a pot full of flavor, at times its sweet and I can definitely make it sour, and at times its bitter, but I can always create the perfect final dish out of any taste being thrown at me.  And through those experiences, through my trials and tribulations, and amazing happy times, to teach others and to set the world ablaze with my words.

About the Author….me:

My name is Danielle.  French yet not so, I am a mutt reaching my DNA branches from the Omaha tribe in Nebraska all the way across the east coast to Europe in France and Ireland, and Scotland, and finally resting on the shores of Japan.  I am a poet-shortstory-novelist wannabe turned Culinary Arts Student, but my true heart and my true love will always be the written, or in this case, typed word.  The ability to formulate sentences into a story that could take someone so far away from the world, that they could even smell it and taste it, is something I have always wanted to do.  My biggest inspirations for writing are C.S. Lewis and Shel Silverstein, the way they would entrap me and never let me go, my real life escape, I want that for anyone who ever reads my writings.

So that is me in a gist, I hope to keep this blog up and running for a while.  I thank whomever reads this and appreciates it. I wish you all love and happiness this holiday season! Until next time,

Dani >*<