The Moment We Live We Breathe

Hello Big Strange and Beautiful world.  In and out of posting this one particular blog has been a dilemma of mine for the past half-hour.  Quite impressive seeing as how I have actually been keeping myself from creating a blog for the last 5 months. So I dare say this is quite an improvement.

What does it mean “the moment we live, we breathe”? Some might be thinking the obvious, “Well if we are living doesn’t that technically mean we are already breathing?” And I say to those who say that, you couldn’t be more right.  Yet there are people who are breathing, but not living.

This blog will be my way of showing myself and maybe to whomever reads this blog, that its ok to be scared to live, but it will be the only way we can truly breathe, the only way we can truly be free.

I will take you on my journey through my everyday (or some days) life, my thoughts, my rants, my favorites, my randomness that is who I am.  My life is a pot full of flavor, at times its sweet and I can definitely make it sour, and at times its bitter, but I can always create the perfect final dish out of any taste being thrown at me.  And through those experiences, through my trials and tribulations, and amazing happy times, to teach others and to set the world ablaze with my words.

About the Author….me:

My name is Danielle.  French yet not so, I am a mutt reaching my DNA branches from the Omaha tribe in Nebraska all the way across the east coast to Europe in France and Ireland, and Scotland, and finally resting on the shores of Japan.  I am a poet-shortstory-novelist wannabe turned Culinary Arts Student, but my true heart and my true love will always be the written, or in this case, typed word.  The ability to formulate sentences into a story that could take someone so far away from the world, that they could even smell it and taste it, is something I have always wanted to do.  My biggest inspirations for writing are C.S. Lewis and Shel Silverstein, the way they would entrap me and never let me go, my real life escape, I want that for anyone who ever reads my writings.

So that is me in a gist, I hope to keep this blog up and running for a while.  I thank whomever reads this and appreciates it. I wish you all love and happiness this holiday season! Until next time,

Dani >*<

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