September Favorites!

WELCOME!!!! One and all to my new and first every Monthly fave blog!! Pretty excited to be sharing all the things I’ve been loving last month, I will give you my 100% full honest opinion of each of these products (which will all be positive haha so guess that’s good), and if you like any of the products, vids, books, or what-have-you that I mentioned let me know, and let me know what you have been or had been loving during the month of September!

I’m planning on breaking this up into different sections so if one section isn’t for you I’m sure there will be something in this blog just for you. Hope you enjoy! 🙂




As of recently I have taking a shine to hand bags with handles. Almost briefcase-ish! I thought that the look of this particular bag was incredibly sophisticated (in comparision to the usual bag I carry around) and the faux leather had a nice color appeal to me. Not only did I think it looked expensive but it wasn’t found it at Target for only about 24.00 what a steal. (Target, by Merona)

Another fashion necessity that I found myself needing last month was a new walllet/purse.  It had been a while since I had treated myself to a new one and I thought I would take it upon myself to go and get one.  Found two and I could not decide which one to get but thankfully since they were only 14.00 at Target I bought both.  Been using the brick red one the entire month but I loved both of them so much can’t wait to break the floral one in. (Target, not too sure what company made them but I’m pretty sure both are from Merona)


Body care


Body care/ face care really was one of my biggest obsession last month, have no idea what was going on but the skin on my nose has the worst issues.  Thankfully after going in and out of Ulta ever so constantly in September I discovered Benefit’s skin care line, and I’m so thankful I did.  Not only do I loooooooovvvvveeee their cleanser but I’m obsessed with their Specialist Ultra Radiance Facial Re-hydrating Mist absolutley phenomenal.  Not only does it smell clean and fresh, it makes my skin, with or without makeup on, feel clean, cool, and refreshed.  I love spraying it on my face when I have been wearing makeup all day and need a little refresher to make it look newly done.  I’ve used it countless times and I STILL have a ton left! Great product

Another product I have been using primarily at night is the Eyes It’s Potent! Eye Cream though at first the cream seems a bit too thick (don’t know if it is supposed to be that way or what) I love the fact it makes the skin around my eyes seem so moisturized and new, I won’t have to worry about dry crusty eyes when I wake up in the morning, (which I normally do especially if I don’t put it on)


Another body care or rather store I have been in love with would have to be the ultra famous, Lush! In my hand above is their Blackberry bath bomb.  I have had it on hand for a long time but since my bath tub at the moment is inoperable I have yet to use it.  However, I can tell you that it has made my bedroom smell absolutely delectable and I CAN NOT wait till I am able to pop this bad boy in (it is for Calm and clarity, with bergamot and frankincense oils)! Don’t have a Lush store too close to where I live so any chance I can get, I go!



What a good find these were! In the entire collection it would have to be I would say 5 or 6, these 3 are the current ones I have purchased.  Benefit parfums are to die for and for some odd reason or another I have not been able to find them on the interwebs, only at one of my local Ulta stores.  The three that I am absolutely in love with are “Ring my Bella” I would describe this one to be almost a berry and floral scent, tart in the bottle but subtle on the skin.  “Garden of Good & Eva” Citrus with some Jasmine back notes, not as tart as bella but has a distinct fruit smell with a bit of musk.  “Laugh with me Lee Lee” by far the sweetest and most floral out of the three.  Something is distinctly rosey about it yet not overpowering.  When I wear it I definitely can’t spray as much but it is intoxicating.


IMG_4283 (2)


Benefit Majorette what this is a Booster blush to amplify any blush that you would want to use over, or can be used a lone.  A cream to powder blush.  I love it for two reasons, the color is so cute almost as if you’re a porcelain doll, especially when wearing alone, and it smells like sherbert! Absolutely amazing and the packaging is adorable (as freaking always with Benefit products!)


Benefit Sugarbomb Such a natural looking blush, I love using this when I want a natural pinky glow to my skin.  Obsessed with the way it blends so well. Love it


Too Faced Country Eye Shadow Palette love the natural colors in this one and the fact that they already basically have a color lineup for you not to really think about what goes best with what but I love the fact that you can still experiment and try new colors with each other.  My fave colors in this palette definitely about have to be “Famous in a small down” and “Y’all”.


Another benefit product this one is Lolli Balm the color is perfect if you want to go for the natural healthy lip look but the main reason why I love this product mostly has to do with the scent, which is almost exactly like a Rose and reminds me of another one of my faves….


their Rose macarons are to LIVE for, not to die because trust me you’d want to live to have another!

And of course the old childhoof favorite recently discovered again

Cocoa Puffs

if something has the ability to change my milk into chocolate milk, uhm of course I’m going to love it!


IMG_4291 my favorite internet find! Been purchasing like crazy from them but my most used and frankly my most fave would have to be these two pillows bright and colorful add any kind of excitement to any room.  Use them for lounging and playing video games on my floor, their pillows are to die for.  Don’t think they are still selling these particular pillows any more but they always have new and interesting things on their site.

IMG_4292 (2)

(Left to right: Jolteon, Vaporeon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Eevee, Flareon, Umbreon, Sylveon, Espeon)

EEVEE!!!!! One of my favorite pokemon because of the amount of eeveelutions 😉 and yes I do have every current one in a stuffie! My life is complete! *nerdgasm*


Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Beyond inspirational, living in the moment! Take life by the horns and never let go!

Well that is it! I hope you enjoyed my monthly favorites as much as I did!! I am so excited to see what this month will bring and I wish you all Peace, Love and Happiness!

Never forget to laugh and remember life is what you make of it!

MourningDoves7 >*<