Puckered lips, they always burn in the light.

Driving grip, you hold his hand tight.

He always loved the ocean, the whispering waves.

The shells, the tide pools, and the caves.

Sitting on shore, you watched beckoning for glances.

This was one of those soul stirring romances,

The kind that would take your breath and never give it back

The kind that would coo your spirits and give you a heart attack.

Your spirit was a warm effervescent candle of kindness and love,

His was blue and cold like the oceans crashing below or the airy sky above.

In each others eyes there would always be a pool of satisfaction

But just like the universe there will always be a positive and negative reaction.

It will toy with your emotions and cause you doubt

Make you feel uneasy and wanting to run about

But it will also be freeing like an endless road to anywhere

A feeling of want and need and yet a feeling you can fly everywhere.

You are the two poles the north and the south,

the migration and the hearth.

The desire for more and the desire to stay,

The desire for stillness and the desire for play.

So you sit there and watch him as he walks away,

A cloud you could never catch but would just as breathe anyway.

Clouds never stay, better to save the rain for a sunny day.






MM: Planner and life

Sitting at my secretary, everything, the madness, seems arbitrary. (If it Rhymes it MUST be true).  Lately it seems that everything has been spinning and spinning, with no signs of stopping.  Hard to get a handle on things, let alone see straight.  But now I take moments like this to just sit down and just be.  Just being is incredibly important to full mental clarity, and lately I believe I’m beginning to understand exactly what that means.

Take today for an example.  Last night I took it upon myself to map out my day today, from my very “morning routine” to even posting this blog, and my meditation tonight before bed.  (Meditation Monday? haha). Waking up today knowing I had exact plans for myself, no matter how small they may seem, gave me purpose today and I actually got a lot done.  Crazy how just a simple thing like a planner could have a profound impact on ones day-to-day life.

I have practically accomplished every, single, thing on my list.  Maybe in my actual life with the bigger and much more outstanding goals, planning may not be such a bad thing after all.

I have always been the kind that likes to organize, to keep things tidy (sometimes), so I feel like I have clarity.  But if I don’t take a conscious effort on the side to really talk to myself about what it is I NEED to accomplish, it may never get done.

So I’m writing today because, indeed, it was in my planner to do so, but I am also writing to encourage everyone to take the time to reflect on the day you had and the day you WANT to have tomorrow.  Write it down, and believe me if you write it down it will be real, and you will accomplish what it is you need to accomplish. Better for you, for your mind, and for your life.