25 Songs, 25 Days- Day 21

Another day another song 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying these thus far, we are almost to the finish line and today’s song is

Day 21: Your Favorite Song

Stolen by Dashboard Confessional

I would never say its fair to ask someone what is their favorite song, of all time.  Music is so diverse, situational, and memorable that any song could hold meaning for a moment and it be your favorite song till that memory becomes sour.  However, for me, this song has always been my answer.  It isn’t because this reminds me of a love, or a time, or a place, but because of its merely about the simplicity of love.  Love songs though can be at times tiresome and grow out of date, especially if you are feeling bitter or just not feeling like being in a “love” mood, but this song it isn’t just about someone, its about you.  How does this song make you feel? For me its a serenading spin on a climatic build. It shoots me off into outer space every time he hits the crescendo, the last You have stolen my heart.  Ringing and powerful vocals make you feel how deeply and truly he feels this.  To me this song is my always classic example of how every great song should be formulated.  Like a story, a slow build to a climax, and then the resolution. This song does this so simply but so movingly how can this not be my favorite song of all time.  (plus freaking Chris Carrabba is gorgeous lol)


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