The Quiet Dreams

Tuesday nights, normally spent with you

But tonight corners scream your name, every shadow in my room

Empty space and empty air

My tangled and unkempt hair

If you could see me now I’d look insane

I’d have my fantasies of you clinging to my window pane

Sneaking into my bed,

That perfect nook in your underarm is where I’d put my head

The scent of you surrounding me

That dimple in your chin I’d place my finger so perfectly

I know every inch of you

The perfections, the flaws,

The outline of your feet to your jaw

But tonight I am awake with myself and not dreaming with you

I can’t help feeling lonely even if I wanted to

Somewhere I hope you are thinking of me

Laughing in remembrance of our jokes, our memories

I couldn’t forget you even if I tried

Even when I am asleep you’re in my dreams

In my soul you have my entire heart tied

I guess no one is ever as far as it seems.


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