MM:’Tis Another Day…

tis another day, just like all the other days that have been laid before it.

As the days progress it gets harder and harder to fully realize my own potential.  Even though I am quite sure of myself and the things I want to accomplish.  Sooooooo like I have always tried to, I will attempt to post regularly on this blog.

Maniacal Mondays: Free writing nonsensical nonsense.

Poetry/Short Story tuesdays:   Nothing too catchy about this one just trying to stretch my creative legs.

Fashion Fridays:  Current Outfit for the day and a little description about how it make me feel.

Shenanigans Saturday: Usually write based off a prompt…usually lol


So hopefully this will all help me organize myself and set a schedule for me to follow.

I really am looking forward to actually posting stuff on this website and contributing to my creative ways, which desperately need some help, I’m in a bit of a pickle.

But hope you all are having a super fantastic week, with love, laughter, and light.


MourningDoves7 >*<


MM: Sick Days and Hazy Ways

Tis been a hot minute since the last time I posted a free flowing thought on this blog.  However, lately, under the circumstances, I have been having quite a lot of down time, thinking time, and boredom time.

Since Saturday I have been under the weather, which upon first thought I blamed on the seasonal changes.  The strange warm weather, bringing in out of the ordinary thunderstorms and rain, letting the weeds expound their seeds into the air.  Normally a little hay fever would be of little consequence to my well being, but then as time progressed I then realized, dang nabbit, this is a freaking cold.

So yes I am indeed sick.  Sniffling, coughing, hocking all sorts of things up, attempting to eat food and feeling incredibly depressed that I can’t taste it.

Who knew that the major reason why I eat is for the taste/ pleasure of it rather than the essential nutrients obtained by it.  Which is another thing I have been struggling with lately.  My weight.

Since I had been taking care of my parent’s residents and pup whilst they were away taking care of some family matters, I had endured a diet of mostly veggies for about a month.  Only to then lose 6 pounds.  Now to some this may seem not such a big deal, 10 pounds would be something to marvel at, but 6 pounds for me (on purpose) is quite a feat.  Not meaning to toot my own horn but dieting has never been my strongest suit.  I love food.  Not really to cook it but eating it is soooooooooo my cup of tea.

Even working out lately has been a chore.  I was enjoying my little routine I had established for myself, Mondays would be my “Muscle Mondays” do some cardio, come inside do some weight lifting, and then some yoga to finish it off, wednesdays would be my “Walking Wednesdays” where I would go somewhere like a park or a beautiful place and just walk, and of course Fridays, “Fitness Fridays” mostly exclusively for Tennis.  My sport of choice.  Really the ONLY sport I am partially ok at.

But then, ya know, life happens.  Get sick, have too much  to take care of at home, womanly issues out of the blue, lazy, etc. there were always excuses.  And today is no different.  Didn’t work out, womanly issues and I’m sick as a dog (never understood that expression, “Sick as a dog” are dogs always sick or when a dog is sick they are reeeeeally sick? hmmmm).

Just have to push on and see the sun rays through the haze.  Its been a trying couple of days but I know once I am through this sickness I am going to make the most of my health and get going with my life.  So many things I need to get accomplished, sometimes it takes being forced to be on your butt to really see what needs to get done and how to do it.  Posting on this blog is definitely one of those things I really want to start doing more.  So here’s to good luck and getting over this stupid cold, and for not being lazy anymore.  I can do it.

Peace love and happiness,

MourningDoves7 >*<