The Fallen Forest

Fallen through the cracks, I clutch my dagger that had fallen free from the saddle bag.  “That damn horse is at it again!” I yelled trying to unwedge myself.  The large maple tree that was once a towering giant, now lay petrified and dethroned.  Its trunk had enormous cracks which served as excellent traps for humans it would seem, and ironic seeing as how we were the ones who caused its untimely demise.  We humans were not necessarily as nice to each other either.

“Servanna!” I called for my steed, that mare was more trouble than she was worth.  This was the seventh time she stopped mid run to buck me off, and it seems she picked the prime spot; about 21 minutes off the trail in the center of new forest.

After the battle of Turndred, the king had ordered the entire forest torn to shred.  Every 400 year old maple was uprooted.  Every willow, every oak, every single plant wasn’t just cut, but burned and taken completely out of the ground so it would never have a chance to regrow itself.  Every tree was at least 500 feet tall.

Many of the trees were burned except it would seem the maple tree I got stuck in.

The harder I tried to brace myself out, the more it seemed to grab at my waist.  I pondered to myself if I only had my horse I could wrap the rope around my upper body and she could somehow just yank me out.  However, she seemed preoccupied with playing with a whirling cloud of leaves, which seemed mighty peculiar in a dense, windless, birch forest; but then I remembered the stories, the trees, even the one I was trapped in, the reason the king killed the forest.  It was then I calmed myself, a hum in the air, I felt what I had to say in my bones, “Dear tree, please forgive me.”, and it was then I was freed.

Ancient forest