Shenanigans Saturday

Prompt 3

What is your favorite work of art? What do you love about it?

Wow! I have never really had to think about this before.  I know I am definitely a sucker for surreal landscape art.  Not too sure the word for it but really it is the unrealistic paintings done to make you imagine what it is and I like that.  When art can make you wonder and experience something entirely unique to you and send you somewhere else, that is what art and paintings should do, at least for me.

Here are a few artists and their works I love:

Joan Eardley

Joan Eardly

Kurt Jackson

Kurt Jackson

Simon Kenny “On a Day Like This”

Simon Kenny

Maurice Sapiro “Fog Lifting”

Maurice Sapiro

Mirror Love Letters

It doesn’t matter how hard you try,

Flowers will always die.

Feed them, love them, but birds are still meant to fly.

As the saying goes if you love someone let them go,

Yet I still lie in wait for them to come back, An ever growing battle with my heart

To and fro

What if they never come back?

What if it isn’t so?

But one thing I’ve noticed

And as true as it may be

What’s important if your love for me.

So self, listen dearly for I will only say this once,

Love yourself the greatest of them all.

You will never let yourself down, you will never let yourself fall.

Be determined in all that you do,

And when you are ready to say the words say them true.

Say I love you, to you.