August Favorites!

August was a beautiful busy month, full of memories, and adventures galore!

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, its been a hot minute since I have actually posted and put effort into a monthly favorites post, sooooo this one might actually be a wee bit different.  I want to incorporate a lot of different elements into this post.  Music, books, tv, products, photos, videos, and lots of other shenanigans that will keep this as interesting and far reaching as possible (meaning, there HAS to be something in here you might find useful), so without further ado here is the break down for my favorites post from here on, I will talk about Fashion, skin care, makeup, perfume, nail polish, video games, movies, tv shows, music, books, random, and memories, and as well as my monthly crushes (both female and male humans I have been in love with that month)… shall we begin? 😉




Since I recently have taken up a job at a bakery I found the inspiration yet again to shop.

A recent visit to Banana Republic during a 50% off sale I found these white linen shorts that fit me to a tee.  Since I have big thighs and hips, it is always a task to find the perfect shorts,  and these are perfect.  I have always wanted linen shorts, and just something about white linen has always reminded me of summer time and beach visits.


The quality and care Banana republic puts into their clothes is always apparent.  One of my favorite brands.

Another brand that I have dreamed about owning some tennis shoes from is the ever popular Adidas.  I FINALLY have a pair of their classic black striped white tennis shoes.



With their super amazing cloudfoam insoles these are easily one of the most comfiest shoes I have ever worn.


I have never been one to wear tennis shoes as fashion pieces in every day outfits but with these I have been so much braver trying out different looks.  They make almost any outfit look put together and cool looking.

Now for this next piece, I know it most certainly hasn’t been cold enough where I live to wear one of these out into the world however, have you ever been in a movie theater in the summer time? Freeing! Especially when you are sitting there for a good long length of time you start to feel a little chilly, starting to get uncomfortable for sitting in the same position, kind of just want to curl up with something a little heavy, soft, and easy to put on….

Well ladies and gentleman shall I introduce the Aerie Poncho


My ultimate cuddly buddy at the cinema, long drives, at bon fires on the beach, with short sleeves, soft textures, and even a little hoody for added bazing. 😉


Skin Care

I have a few skin care products that I absolutely adored last month, First one is the Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Balancing Softener.


So easy to use just after cleansing, saturate a cotton pad, and gently wipe all over face.  I even use it under my eyes where I feel like most of my aging is beginning.  Smells incredibly fresh, and does not burn my eyes which is amazing, since a majority of toning products almost do.

Another Shiseido product I have been loving, really not just last month but for a long while but thought I’d give it a mention today is my Shiseido Urban Enviroment Oil-Free UV Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 42 for face This sunscreen is the best sunscreen for face I have ever used and probably will ever use.


I have been a sunscreen-aholic for years since my vitiligo had taken off and spread even further, I have been on the search for the perfect sunscreen for my body I have yet find the perfect one but for face! Daily use, this is the best 🙂 so in love

Another skin car fave, is this Softsoap Body Butter Shea & Almond Oil Moisturizing body wash DSC_0024

Ok, confession time… I didn’t shower every day.  Not even my body.  But from recent TMI events I have taken upon myself, especially after work, to take a shower even if its not washing my hair.  At least my body and crevasses will get clean.  From showering every day I have found my skin getting drier and drier even using lotion wasn’t helping, and I’m just thinking to myself, “Well Geez you assholes this is exactly why I wasn’t showering every day to begin with and this is the thanks I get for trying to stay clean and not get infection.  Blast it all to Hell!” and then one fateful day after running out of the body wash I was using, I happened upon this cheapy body wash.  And now my life has forever changed (yet again lol). This body wash is not only sudsy and so soft but it makes my skiiiiiiin soft.  So lovely and smell goody.  I am one happy koala.



First on the list of Makeup faves for the month of August is the beautiful new palette from Anastasia called Subculture


My favorite shades in the palette are the beautiful Golden Green shimmer shade called Electric and the matte deep green shade called Untamed.  They are the perfect summer to fall eyeshadow transition shades.

I have also found the Nars Shimmer Stick incredibly useful lately, especially in the shade South Beach


Which is this beautiful shimmering bronze like color. Great for a summer time tan glow.

Speaking of bronze, I have fallen back in love with a product I have been keeping in my kit for such a long time and now I think I finally have a hang of how to use it properly, my NYX Wonder Stick for Highlight and Contour in the shade Universal WS04


Its all about the power of blending lol  they are the perfect colors for my skintone.  And with the amount of blending I do they come out au naturale 😉

….and last but certainly not least my ultimate makeup obsession my Revlon Kiss lip balms.  Complete with SPF 20.  I now have the entire collection (at least what was at my store, if there are more flavors, PLEASE by all the stars in the sky tell me!!!!)


Starting from top to bottom:

Tropical Coconut, Juicy Peach, Crisp Apple, Fresh Strawberry, Sweet Cherry, and Berry Burst.


Perfume of the Month


Figure No. 6 Honey Rose Eau De Parfum

~ White Tea = top note

~ Rose Hip = middle note

~ Honey = base note


Nail Polish of the Month


O.P.I Nail Lacquer Santa Monica Beach Peach


Video Game of the Month

Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword for Nintendo DS

Found all of my old video games, and vast majority I have to finish playing so I’m taking it upon myself to try to finish them all start, to finish.  This game has been my obsession for the entirety of August, haven’t beaten it yet but I will.


Re-watched this movie recently while they were playing the extended versions of them at my local movie theater.  Reliving my love for this movie all over again was reinvigorating and established my love for the trilogy even more.

Kiki’s Delivery Service 🙂

TV Shows

NCIS Season 8

Your Lie In April

Game of Thrones


“That Song” by Big Wreck

Almost anything from Projected Twin but I am mostly in love with “You Threw the Stone”

Since the death of Chester Bennington I had been reliving my love for Linkin Park so really I’ve been listening to mostly Hybrid Theory and Meteora but my favorite song from last month was ” From the Inside”

Book of the Month

Dark Witch by Nora Roberts

Dark Witch book of the month august

Found this book incredibly hard to get into the first few chapters but then it was a breeze.  Though this was supposed to be a romance novel, there really isn’t a lot of real romance being built in here.  Yes there is attraction, some heart break, but really its kept on the PG-13 side which if that’s what you like than more power to you but I was really wanting some real action if you know what I mean.  Overall the dramatic parts are a little tiresome and boring, but since this is a trilogy maybe the other books will be heavier and more intriguing.  Not to say this wasn’t but its a nice poolside kind of book I thought it was entertaining on the witch aspect of it but the romance was a little disappointing if I really have to be honest.

Crush of the Month

August crush

Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington

I LOVE these two together and seperate ❤


August was my trip month where I finally took a little serendipity back to my second home, Sedona, Arizona. It was a chill week there spent more of the time sight seeing, relaxing, taking the load, off and of course getting bit by thousands of mosquitoes or some sort of hungry insect.  I did not take really any photos there of the scenery or really of anything.   Next trip I promise more photos will be awaiting your eyes.

Can’t wait to start September and I can not wait to see what it brings.

Till then, see you soon.  Live Laugh and love and give thanks for being alive.  Give love and receive love and remember that you are important.  You have a purpose.

Deepest wishes of serenity and love your way,

Dani >*<