I am a dancing cloud that no one will ever catch an island I have made entirely for myself.  Coconut ice cream and dagger seas.  You can join in the foot pattern or merely observe from your plane passing by.  But I will never leave I will not forsake this bird of my soul that has nested so deep inside that she can’t be caught or tamed.  I am a dark fire ball that has landed to amaze and bring you warmth but I will not be dampened nor will I ever be explained.  No one knows where I had come from or if I will keep digging deep into the soil that can’t keep me still.  I vibrate red, an eternal flame that shatters mirrors and tears walls.  I am the open air the rolling of the rocks that fall as you kick them down the mountain.  Once I am moved I will keep moving not because I do not want to be where I was but to go where I know I’m supposed to go.  And where is that? I don’t know.  I am a mere contradiction that carves my own definition in to the tree of life.  No words or iron clad fists can nail me.  For I don’t even know my purpose but I know what I am.  I am free and like this bird who is deep in my chest as I push off this mortal coil I will inhabit the nearest star and burn it up as bright as the noon day sky so that every single cell in this universe has a piece of what I was.  Nothing but pure and unending desire passion and love that can be felt in the bones of your toes and the cells on the tip of your tongue.  Taste with your heart, feel with your mind, and love with every inch of who you are and then you can see what it is to truly be me.

Mirror Love Letters

It doesn’t matter how hard you try,

Flowers will always die.

Feed them, love them, but birds are still meant to fly.

As the saying goes if you love someone let them go,

Yet I still lie in wait for them to come back, An ever growing battle with my heart

To and fro

What if they never come back?

What if it isn’t so?

But one thing I’ve noticed

And as true as it may be

What’s important if your love for me.

So self, listen dearly for I will only say this once,

Love yourself the greatest of them all.

You will never let yourself down, you will never let yourself fall.

Be determined in all that you do,

And when you are ready to say the words say them true.

Say I love you, to you.

Carving Tools

The trees they fold me in

A disastrous quiver of excitement.

I am overtaken.

Deeper and deeper till there is no more

I am but the earth

a child of the moon and lore.

To believe is to have, to have is to believe

Those who don’t believe are left in want.

Tangles realities finding happiness to weave.

It is but a dream this reality

The truth is in your mind

Just hidden away waiting for you to find.

It longs to be free it longs to fly

Leave it for too long it will die.

Life is your work of art every moment your carving tool

How will you use it?

Smashing it and fixing the pieces?


Living brightly and happily inching your way through masterpieces?

Darkness and Light

Creeping slowly and yet it waits,

Under the sheet of your daydreams.

If it does not find a home in your mind

there are other ways.

Sinking down below

It travels through your veins.

With a cannonball it takes a swim in your stomach.

There you shall feel its pains,

It hits you and squeezes you

till you can’t take anymore.

It screams,”Give in to me!”

But you will not, no matter how great the pain.

Staying strong you have felt its hollering presence.

Do not listen to its close, loud, whispers.

You are not worthless,

You are not alone.

For above a light has always shone

And below the earth to hold you.

You don’t need anyone to make you feel like you.

You don’t need anyone to keep you together like glue.

You are beautiful just the way you are

Love yourself, and be your own best friend

A love that is worthy

Till the end.

*Author’s Note: Today I have felt the cruel clutches of loneliness and its depraving words.  Trust me when I say that I know the darkness but I know the light and its there where I want to stay.  Tell yourself you love you everyday.  It isn’t sad to say that we are our own best friends, because its true.  Pure, purest self love (not to be confused with selfishness) is the most important love we can ever allow ourselves to have.  Love yourself and you can truly love others.

Koalas & Pajamas

Nights filled with dark crayon stretch mark skies,

Pieces of it fell into my eyes.

Too sleepy to even sleep

Counting my toes instead of sheep,

Those weird tiny nails through my socks did creep.

I night dream awake of those day dreams asleep

In class

Wandering past

and out the halls.

Its always at night I am who I have always been

Carefully wrapped up in my stuffed

Koalas and pajamas

I am the finger licking little girl

sneaking the last bite of sweet and delicate macarons.

Till day comes, the play goes.

And as the moon is to wax and wane,

I am stripped of my lunar self

And reality is my bane.

Sleepy Poetry

Somehow I always find you

Whether I am awake or asleep

You have burned your image in me

An ever growing want, burning need

To feel your skin, to taste your lips

To hear your sweet voice,

Such a sweet, sweet sorrow our love is.

So delicate and yet so strong

We defeat every reason to belong.

What Lovers Are For

It’s like a fire charging through the door

More hot than the endless summer nights can endure.

Painful progress its a disaster through and through

All this change within me and within you.

New hobbies are found and old habits will stay

No matter which way we go we’re together and I like it this way.

Growing up but never growing apart

Seeing which way to go and where to start.

Helping each other find ourselves together

Through thick and thin, through toil and weather.

Guardians of our souls, we are the ultimate lovers

Holding each other up and letting each other go.

We are the children who shine the lights under the covers

Making the shadows with our finger tips

Always joined at the hips. The greatest sidekick

That is what lovers are for, always and more.


The Quiet Dreams

Tuesday nights, normally spent with you

But tonight corners scream your name, every shadow in my room

Empty space and empty air

My tangled and unkempt hair

If you could see me now I’d look insane

I’d have my fantasies of you clinging to my window pane

Sneaking into my bed,

That perfect nook in your underarm is where I’d put my head

The scent of you surrounding me

That dimple in your chin I’d place my finger so perfectly

I know every inch of you

The perfections, the flaws,

The outline of your feet to your jaw

But tonight I am awake with myself and not dreaming with you

I can’t help feeling lonely even if I wanted to

Somewhere I hope you are thinking of me

Laughing in remembrance of our jokes, our memories

I couldn’t forget you even if I tried

Even when I am asleep you’re in my dreams

In my soul you have my entire heart tied

I guess no one is ever as far as it seems.