25 Songs, 25 Days- Day 23….?

haha aaaaaaaaand so the procrastination continues lol.  But I am back.  For better or for worse…

October was quite the month to vanish.  Completely ill the entire month basically.  And finally yesterday I gave in and went to Urgent Care.

Infections galore.

But today I am going to do today’s Day 23 of the 25 songs, 25 Days challenge

Day 23- A song that you cannot stand to listen to…

Swish Swish by Katy Perry

Hurts my heart so much to say this because I am a huge Katy Perry fan and this last album was just in the trash can for me.  I know probably every artist probably has albums like these and maybe if I listened to it more or what have you I might actually grow to like it but it just doesn’t do it for me.

25 Songs, 25 Days- Day 21

Another day another song 🙂

Hope you’re enjoying these thus far, we are almost to the finish line and today’s song is

Day 21: Your Favorite Song

Stolen by Dashboard Confessional

I would never say its fair to ask someone what is their favorite song, of all time.  Music is so diverse, situational, and memorable that any song could hold meaning for a moment and it be your favorite song till that memory becomes sour.  However, for me, this song has always been my answer.  It isn’t because this reminds me of a love, or a time, or a place, but because of its merely about the simplicity of love.  Love songs though can be at times tiresome and grow out of date, especially if you are feeling bitter or just not feeling like being in a “love” mood, but this song it isn’t just about someone, its about you.  How does this song make you feel? For me its a serenading spin on a climatic build. It shoots me off into outer space every time he hits the crescendo, the last You have stolen my heart.  Ringing and powerful vocals make you feel how deeply and truly he feels this.  To me this song is my always classic example of how every great song should be formulated.  Like a story, a slow build to a climax, and then the resolution. This song does this so simply but so movingly how can this not be my favorite song of all time.  (plus freaking Chris Carrabba is gorgeous lol)


25 Songs, 25 Days- Day 19

….sort of

Well well well, guess I failed this challenge quite epically but like all things, I MUST FINISH! So I will start off where I ended sooooooo without further ado.

Day 19- The First song alphabetically in your iPod/iTunes

Act I:  Agony

Even before the Disney release “Into the Woods” was one of my favorite musicals.  This particular performance is one of my favorites lol.

So funny, and wonderfully done 🙂

Enjoy you guys and I promise I will be back! Super swears!


25 Songs, 25 Days Days 17 & 18

Yet again, laziness has prevailed, but it does not mean this is forgotten, quite the contrary just means double the songs for the day!


Day 17- A song that makes you want to dance….

Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough by Michael Jackson

oh man, do I even haaaaaave to explain why? lol

Day 18- A song you love but rarely listen to

I love you from your toes to your face lol, there’s a BILLION songs out there that I kind of get those days where I’m 1000% obsessed with play it over and over again, and never get tired of and then I move on.  This is one of those songs.  I will always love this song just haven’t felt like listening to it lately till now.

25 Songs, 25 Days Days 14 & 15

Yet again, how the mighty have fallen.  Not forgetting anything though, I am just having quite the tiring work week, but I am BACK! Super swears lol.  Trying to be organized and stay organized.

So to catch up here’s yesterday’s song

Day14: A song that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend

First Time by The Script

A long, deep, emotional, beautiful, aching, attachment to this song and the feelings that are conveyed with it have spoken to me in our darkest and happiest of times.  There are a lot of songs that make me think of him, but this one is all of them combined.

Day 15: A Song you love singing along to:

Inside Out by Eve 6

I really like the song mostly do to the way the lyrics flow so easily off your tongue when you sing it.  Such an easy song to sing, so I always love singing along to it.

25 Days, 25 Songs Days 12 & 13

Been another crazy work days lately and been feeling mentally under the weather, but I will not sway from this challenge nor stop. So let’s back into it shall we?

Day 12 is the The last song you heard, and for me that was

This Cannot Mend (No Storm Demo) by Projected Twin

I first heard his music from the awesome YouTuber Dudelikehella, now known as LiveEachDay aka Corey Williams.  Projected twin has such beautiful haunting songs that always affect me and move me, but no matter what always make me happy. My current music obsession.

Now for Day 13.  Day 13 is about a song that reminds me of a former friend.

Shake Your Groove Thing by Peaches and Herb

Though don’t get me wrong I love this song, it reminds me of someone who I thought of as my best friend and completely broke my friendship heart.  Though I guess we are still distant “acquaintances” now this reminds me of a time when we drove and hung out in my car belting this song out.

Well that’s it for today but tomorrow (or rather later today) I promise I will be back with another fun 25 songs… song for you.  Hope you are having a fantastic weekend thus far. Stay groovy friends 😉

25 Songs, 25 Days- Day 9

Sleepily slouching in my sleeping quarters, crawling or rather dragging myself to my laptop to enter my entry for today.

Maybe its the long work week and I’m finally to my “Friday” today, so I feel lazy and really not giving a pooty, but today the song that I am supposed to share for Day 9 is a song that makes me hopeful.

Took a considerable amount of time for me to come up with something because hopeful is not a feeling I seek.  Happy, sexy, even sad are all emotions I personally seek in music something to make me feel the high ends and the low ends, but hopeful is a tricky emotion. Is it happy and looking forward to what’s to come? Or is it sad and almost melancholy, because you are in the throws of sadness and somehow you are trying to cling to the thought that if this is truly rock bottom the only way to go from here is up.

I feel that hope is a sunrise.  You spent hours, upon hours wandering the desert, cold and lonely not knowing if there would be light to guide you, a build of anxiety and almost dread comes waving across your body like sand being blown in the wind.  Then suddenly you notice the dark black sky turning to a lighter shade of dark navy blue.  Like a climbing a mountainside, the sun slowly makes its way to the horizon, a peak of shimmering fluttering gold sparkles dazzle and amaze your eyes.  Light! the guiding force of nature the day breaker and warm maker, the sun is here.

And for this feeling the song I have chosen is…..

Helden by Apocalyptica

A magnificent and moving cover of Heroes by David Bowie (which mind you is also an amazing hopeful song in its own right).  This specific version of this song, the way it builds, the instrumental waves and chords, always has felt like the sun rising to me.  Blows me away.  Hope you enjoy and feel just as hopeful as I do.

25 Days, 25 Songs- Day 8

Day 8 of 25 days of songs, today is about a song that reminds me of my…wait for it….”First Love”.

I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden

Flashback to a 15 year old me, having the biggest crush on this guy who I shyly was in a “relationship” with, our “first date” which really wasn’t one since we had to secretly do it behind my parents back with my best friend at the time and her Grandma at a local amusement park.  Right when we were about to say bye, this song came on, one of my favorite songs at the time, and he kissed me.  My first real kiss was to this song.  Every time I hear it I think of the innocence and the sweetness of first love’s and I’m so happy this song is the first one that come’s to mind.  Darren Hayes has such beautiful vocals and is such a beautiful human being.  Love love love his music. 🙂