MM: Planner and life

Sitting at my secretary, everything, the madness, seems arbitrary. (If it Rhymes it MUST be true).  Lately it seems that everything has been spinning and spinning, with no signs of stopping.  Hard to get a handle on things, let alone see straight.  But now I take moments like this to just sit down and just be.  Just being is incredibly important to full mental clarity, and lately I believe I’m beginning to understand exactly what that means.

Take today for an example.  Last night I took it upon myself to map out my day today, from my very “morning routine” to even posting this blog, and my meditation tonight before bed.  (Meditation Monday? haha). Waking up today knowing I had exact plans for myself, no matter how small they may seem, gave me purpose today and I actually got a lot done.  Crazy how just a simple thing like a planner could have a profound impact on ones day-to-day life.

I have practically accomplished every, single, thing on my list.  Maybe in my actual life with the bigger and much more outstanding goals, planning may not be such a bad thing after all.

I have always been the kind that likes to organize, to keep things tidy (sometimes), so I feel like I have clarity.  But if I don’t take a conscious effort on the side to really talk to myself about what it is I NEED to accomplish, it may never get done.

So I’m writing today because, indeed, it was in my planner to do so, but I am also writing to encourage everyone to take the time to reflect on the day you had and the day you WANT to have tomorrow.  Write it down, and believe me if you write it down it will be real, and you will accomplish what it is you need to accomplish. Better for you, for your mind, and for your life.

“A Letter To Me” Monday

Dear Me,

NOT the exclamation, “Oh Dear Me!” but really an address to myself on this day of all days.  It is the beginning of the week and change is in the air.  Soon you will be going to your first day of work (next week) so till then its just you and me and this calm keyboard at your fingertips.

Who knows what this will bring, obviously money which can be good when you need it, but what else? A new found confidence, and a new sense of self, that’s what!

You already feel its effects, the posture, the tone in your voice, the maturity in the way you think. No mean to brag about you me, but seriously you’ve been doing great these past few weeks, really stepping up on that confidence game! If only “certain” people in your life would take notice and maybe make a few changes for themselves as well.

Truly though I know you feel that way, but just think that the only person you really need is you.

The places you are already going, even down to how you dress.  Is an expression of your self worth, never be afraid to stand up for who you truly are and what you truly want.

God you are so beautiful when you love yourself.  People even see it, I know you saw those looks from those guys in the store that day.  Its not just because you are beautiful on the outside (which I know sometimes you think you’re fat and you hate your smile and call it crooked) but they see that glow.  That pure glow of love, for who you are and for the world around you.

Never stop loving the world and your life and the things you were given in it.  I know you know this but truly never forget, that the true beauty of who you truly are is when you love yourself, then the rest of the world will love you right along with you.

Me, you are doing great.  Never stop being yourself.  Never stop believing you can make it because despite what anyone ever tells you, you can.  And no matter what anyone ever promises you if you can, don’t do it for them but do it for yourself.  Love you me, love you harder stronger and longer than anyone in this world can and ever will. Then, and only then will you succeed. Stop criticizing everything you do, stop thinking you’re less than what you are, stop thinking you deserve nothing when you deserve it all.

I know you can do it, I know you will be everything you ever dreamed you could be. You are beautiful. You are wanted. You are loved.

My best regards, my deepest love,


Selfie Tag

Obsession with YouTube is affecting me and I MUST post this “Selfie Tag”, basically what it is about 10 questions about myself (a readable selfie if you will). When MySpace was a big deal I used to love to post questionnaires and quizzes about myself a lot and I kind of miss it! So in homage to my younger self, and for the readers to see, here is my Selfie Tag!

1) What is your best physical feature?

Quite honestly, it has been a long road to self-acceptance for me.  Even though so many people have told me I’m beautiful or gorgeous, I could never fully see it myself.  However, lately I have take it upon myself to look at myself every morning in the mirror and tell myself, “I love you,” and really try and mean it.  So to make the long answer short, I have come to appreciate every part of myself physically, mentally, and spiritually, though I do slip.  Best physical feature in my opinion would be a tie between my lips and Hazel eyes. (Everything else is pretty awesome as well though haha ;)P

2) If you could visit anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

This has always been a tough question, and I hate to just pick a single destination (I would love to travel the entire world if I could) but as of lately I have been intrigued by Alaska and Japan.  Completely different from each other but they both have the things I love.  Alaska, for the Northern Lights, Salmon and fishing, and of course just the cold mountain terrain.  I have always had a secret endearing love for the mountains.  Japan, to definitely get in touch with my heritage.  I think it would be great to see where my mom’s side of the family has come from, Tokyo just looks crazy and exciting, and I LOVE Japanese anything.  I’m obsessed!

3) What do you need to feel better when you are sick?

Stuffed animals especially Keyes (this super old stuffed monkey I have since I was born), a really amazing movie like a Hayao Miyazaki flick (they are always amazing to watch when you’re ill, take you away on far destinations), and some gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddd company like my dog Beau.

4) What one piece of advice would you give to the youth of America and why?

Stop trying to tune into the technology and start getting in touch with the world around you, be with people who you love and love you back don’t waste your time on people who belittle you and make you feel less than who you really are, understand real success is not measured by the amount of money you earn but rather the amount of happiness you have and give, life is too precious and too short to worry so much about the little things, don’t take for granted your youth take care of yourself and stay healthy.

5) What animal do you think you were in a past life?

haha really never too sure, maybe a really awesome dog. Like a mutt, who had some awesome humans that took care of me and I took care of them, maybe helped a little boy who was trapped down a well, and got some awesome karma points. 🙂

6) If you could travel back in time what would you change?

Nothing.  Sounds cliche but everything I have been through has made me the person I am today.  Though I think in some instances I would change that coke I drank today to a nice cold bottle of water and those chips for celery sticks haha

7) What to do for fun on the weekends?

Play video games, draw pokemon and anime stuffs, hike, watch a bunch of YouTube, play Tennis, watch movies, more video games, bake, shop, more YouTube haha

8) Whats your biggest workplace pet peeve?

I do not have a job right now, nor have I really ever had a “real” job.

9) I wouldn’t be caught dead without ______

My phone (kind of a huge lifeline for me) and my idea book (I jot ideas I have out of blue in them if I’m out of the house)

Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssstttttttttttt questions…

10) If you could have one superpower what would it be?

I have thought about this one long and hard many maaaaaaaaaaany times before. It would have to be the ability to have not necessarily control but a way with every animal and insect in the world.  Everywhere I go they would love me and be almost attracted to me and obey my every command, almost like the Queen of Animals.  But I’d be kind and love them and take care of them. Would be the coolest thing EVER!

But there ya have it folks, maybe you learned a little more about me and I had fun answering them.  Hope you had fun as well, see yall Friday ’cause I actually have something to post about fashion for once, the cogs are turning haha.

Love and happiness,

MourningDoves7 >*<