MM:’Tis Another Day…

tis another day, just like all the other days that have been laid before it.

As the days progress it gets harder and harder to fully realize my own potential.  Even though I am quite sure of myself and the things I want to accomplish.  Sooooooo like I have always tried to, I will attempt to post regularly on this blog.

Maniacal Mondays: Free writing nonsensical nonsense.

Poetry/Short Story tuesdays:   Nothing too catchy about this one just trying to stretch my creative legs.

Fashion Fridays:  Current Outfit for the day and a little description about how it make me feel.

Shenanigans Saturday: Usually write based off a prompt…usually lol


So hopefully this will all help me organize myself and set a schedule for me to follow.

I really am looking forward to actually posting stuff on this website and contributing to my creative ways, which desperately need some help, I’m in a bit of a pickle.

But hope you all are having a super fantastic week, with love, laughter, and light.


MourningDoves7 >*<



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