Ensemble of the Day

imageIt’s Friday I’m in love!! Today I thought I would share with you my recent obsession- creating a whole look on top of my bed with every clothing item and accessory, beauty must have and baggy….just lots of fashion stuff. And it’s Friday sooooooo Fashion Friday post (haaaaa I love it when a plan comes together lol). So what I was trying to create with this look is a sunkissed all natural boho babe. Hope you like it. ☺️✌🏻️ Peace love and happiness to you all hope you had an amazing week. See you again soon.

Bra~ Sunnie push-up by Aerie

Underwear~bikini by Aerie

Socks~ Target

Bottoms~ High waisted shorts by Color Swatch

Top~ Mossimo

Outerwear~ Thrifted Leather boho vest

Shoes~ Lower East Side

Hat~ Ecoté

Bag~ Fossil

Sunglasses~ Target

Jewelry~ Target

Lips~ Honeymania Lip Balm by The Body Shop

Scent~ Rose Essence Body Mist by love & beauty Forever 21



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