It Was You

Fearlessly, unrelentingly

devastatingly, it was you.

Cherishing ever moment like a forest fire.

We would fall into each other and stay like sticks in a mire.

Every moment I am drawn to you

Quickly swimming to follow the queue.

So many draw in they fear what I fear,

They act so strong and I act so queer.

Like birds to a fish out of water I draw you near.

Flapping and gasping for air to breathe in.

Yet you do not eat me you just throw me back in,

Lightly grazing my fin.

For even just a minute it is you my heart belongs.

If I were a bird I would sing songs

But I am but a fish

Whose nature’s one wish

Is to be caught, not to catch.

Yet I still swim here in wait

swiggling like bait.

For you to see,

But its true,

You are hopelessly bound to the sky

And I bound to the sea

So I must swim fearlessly



…It was you…


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