January Favorites!!!


Decided that today was the perfect day to post and take some awesome pics of all the things I loved and adored in the month of January!

It may be a teeny bit too late for this post but its always fun to look and write about the stuff that I loved the month before.  I am still loving all the stuff that I loved last month!

So without further ado here it is 🙂 hope you enjoy



Last month was peeeeeerrrrfect for the ultimate sweater splurge! And I did in a way! Forever 21, one of my favorite stores, was having a big sale and I just had to jump right in.


This sweater, which may just be my favorite out of all of them, is amazingly soft. I love wearing it over a shirt and shorts.  Best part for me was the low hanging pockets, perfect for “slouchily” and cozily resting your cold hands it.  Luxurious and absolutely a wardrobe must! I believe it was only about 20 something dollars! Quite a bargain for a brand new item!


This hoodie was kind of a last minute buy.  It had been raining and I was freezing so I needed something warm and cute quick! Not only was it not that expensive at all but it was the perfect fit for my body, nothing too bad and perfect length for my hands to fit in the pocket. Plus, I had been wanting a hoodie for quite a while this Burgundy one was a hit with me! 🙂


Form fitting almost completely transparent sweater.  Love pairing it with blue jeans and underneath just a regular white tank top.  Love the way it fits, loose around the waist but form fitting around the arms. Looks casual and slightly whimsical. And the light pink is so pretty for that winter to spring transition.


“I ❤ Malibu” sweater, and I actually really do.  I spent a lot of my childhood in Malibu with my grandparents, always felt like a Mini vacation.  Love this sweater too. Incredibly soft and found it in the clearance section for waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy below it’s original price (which I probably would never have paid lol) but I love it and it’s cute!


Love this thick fluffy crop top sweater.  I’m pretty sure that it was supposed to be hitting me above my hips but because I got a large (I’m a big fan of large sweaters) it fits me perfectly.  I’ll pair this sweater with high waisted shorts or pants.  Love abundance of fluff on it, keeps me warm and just looks cuddle worthy 😉


Absolutely one of the best long sweaters EVER!!! Perfect with leggings underneath and some cute ankle boots.  Its looks amazing on and its also soft to the touch.  Love long sweaters aaaaaand my boyfriend love the outfits I conjure up with this! Two thumbs up for Forever 21’s sweater sections haha.

Body Care


Last month I definitely did a lot of experimenting and trying higher end products that I would never really have paid close attention to, but thankfully because of my Ulta rewards points (which were so many I got over $100 dollars worth of free stuff) I was able to buy some pretty cool stuff.  The first thing that I had received in a 12 Days of Christmas advent calendar by Tarte was this Maracuja Oil.  Didn’t really want to use oil on my face but last month I thought why not, and I was not let down.  Right after I cleanse and wash my face I just use 3 drops of this in my palm, rub both my hands together, and then pat it on my face.  I have noticed a distinct difference in my skin since! Recommended!!! The next item I have been in love with is the Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3.  I have combination oily skin so this has been helping my oilyness as well as the skin tone overall.  I am not partial to the smell, I heard someone say it was because of the witch hazel in the ingredients but it almost reminds me of tequila lol. The last skin care/body care product I loved last month was actually an old faithful of mine, Nivea Smooth Sensation with Shea butter and Hydra IQ Dry skin.  I have always used this every night for my hands and feet before I go to sleep.  Didn’t realize how much I loved it before I ran out and ever since I’m swearing by it.



Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream is a dream indeed. Bought the travel sized one with my points from Ulta and then after I realized I had to buy the full size version before I ran out.  Still have plenty left surprisingly.  Love the scent so incredibly awakening and feminine.  Best Marc Jacobs Daisy line parfum of yet.





I didn’t really buy that much makeup last month or rather any I was obsessed with but I fell in love with the Pixi by Petra brand hard and fast! Not only is the packaging that pretty green color but the products are fantastic.  Such as these! All three were limited edition Shea Butter Lip Balms.  The first one is an original shea butter that comes off translucent called Comfort Clear.  The middle a more tan and slightly nude color called, Honey Nectar.  The third has a brighter color and come off on the lips just as bright in the shade Ripe Raspberry.  Very nourishing and feel delectable on the lips, but the main thing that drew me in was the smell.  So sweet and delicious.


Another Pixi product I fell in love with was their absolutely silky Endless Silky Eye Pen in the shade BlackNoir goes on so richly and no tug at all to your eye.  Feel amazing and so easily blends. Love it.



Lancome’s La Base Paupieres Pro: Long Wear Eyeshadow Base in the shade Beige Porcelaine though there seems to be some slight tingle upon application which worries me I can’t give this up! Blends like mouse all over my lid giving it a nice champagney coloring and a smooth blendable texture to work with.


Another Lancome I have recently fallen in love with is the Grandiose mascara.  With its curvy wand and mascara formula it applies to the lashes flawlessly.  adding so much volume I feel like primer is not even needed.  The bottle is a plus to with the beautiful black rose at the very top of the wand.


And even another Lancome product!!! The Color Design Coral Crush palette (not too sure what to call it haha) love this especially pairing it with the Lancome eyeshadow primer base.  Every color is vibrant and blends so smoothly.  Love it for an every day springy look.



After spending some time down at the Alpine Village in Huntington Beach, CA my mom and I went into this Turkish store that was selling loads of these amulets with this large eye on them.  I being a lover of elephants decided to vouch for this elephant later finding out about the meaning behind it I wanted it to be facing close to my window and bed.  It is I called the Nazar is an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the “evil eye”.  Not only is there good luck from the nazar but when you have an elephant with its trunk raised in the sky it is said that it brings good luck!

Movies and Books




This book is chock full of interesting ideas and real scientific explanations and answers to the age old questions of “What if…?” Pleasantly written with wit and charm as well as nerd like expertise.  This is something the whole family can enjoy.  Even the tiny little cartoon segments add a charismatic vibe to the book. Science can be fun and this book proves it.

Well my ladies and my gentlemen it is time to say good bye to the January Favorites! Hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak into my world and the items that I enjoyed.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you enjoyed in the month of January.  And if you liked any of the products or stuffs I listed! Hope you have a great day! See you Tuesday! 🙂

MourningDoves7 >*<


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