Hearts and plants in pots,

Chocolates and cards with polka dots

Its that time to buy our love’s desire.

Casting our spells and coals into the fire,

Awkwardly holding hands at a dinner theater.

Cringing at the thought of an off-key opera singer.

Now I truly know the meaning of “Les” miserable

Never knew a sharp human tone could be that permeable.

And off to the car we go, and you lend your coat.

A sigh and giggle escape my throat

Not even a look and I knew

The same humor and disbelief was felt by you too.

The day was over and not a single moment lost.

Not a single ounce of hate or anger did it cost.

After 4 years it doesn’t matter what we do.

Any moment is the best moment as long as I’m with you.


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