Cleaning the Clutter

First ever FRIDAY FASHION post

Though it is my first time ever really putting any effort into this, but I have always wanted to tell the fellow public, or rather the people of the blog world my thought, feeling, and new discovering of products and clothing items I have fallen in love with.

Wouldn’t necessarily say I have much lined up for today but I’m thinking someone, (hoping) will find this helpful and maybe entertaining.

Quite recently I have taken it upon myself to clean the ever-loving poo out of my room. With clothes scattered across my pink dish chair sitting in the corner, the old wooden desk chair sitting in front of my antique secretary, nothing in my room was being used exactly what it was meant to be used for.

I then realized my reasoning behind leaving a huge pile of clean clothes unhung was because of my lack of space in my closet.

The closet.  A dark a desolate black hole of everything from my childhood, I still even have my “My Size Barbie” hanging out in a corner lurking from underneath my tops.

Once gazed upon for a few minutes, I had come to the conclusion that I really need to get rid of some stuff.

And that is exactly what I did.

Big black trash bag filled with clothes I no longer had any use for, and quite frankly were just sucking the life out of my bedroom and even myself.  So henceforth I am bound and determined to keep my room spotless (or somewhat spotless), and even getting rid of all the tokens of my childhood and memories I was hording has made me feel, in a way, more mature and a sense of growth in my emotions has occurred.  I am now willing to let things go that I used to never want to.  To me that is a huge deal, even in a way symbolic, because in truth I really am holding a lot of things from my past still deep inside of myself.  Getting rid of the constant reminder of those things is a big therapy session for myself, and I am ready to make a new and happier, less cluttered life.

So CLEAN folks, and believe me when I say it will help the mind, body, and soul.  And even give you an excuse to maybe go and buy just a couple of things for yourself 😉


Well  I hope this FASHION FRIDAY was a little bit insightful (not necessarily how it will be in the future but I thought I would share my newest experience with you).  Peace and love to all of you, have a safe and wonderful weekend 🙂

MourningDoves7 >*<


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