New Schedule Starting Tomorrow WHATUP!!!!

Dearest world and Lovers of the written word,

It has been a long and tiring journey to the place I am at.  Tossing and turning in my sleep thinking of way I could make my life better, and through it all I have come to this conclusion, I need to be more organized.  So I have decided that, starting tomorrow, every Tuesday I will publish a Poem (anything random that comes to my mind, a real inspired poem, or even something that I have discovered from my past), every Wednesday will be a short story (something that I struggle with but I really want to accomplish so that in my future I may in fact do this as a living), every Friday I will post something about fashion/beauty (I have a love for girly things, organic things, weird things, so be prepared for the awesome products I discover and even things that I may compile together in my interesting and strange head of mine), and final on Saturday will post random thoughts and feelings maybe a day of reflection.

So this is my idea to get myself use to working on a schedule, to be organized, and to actually get my brain going.

I can’t wait to share all my creativity and ideas with the rest of you and I thank you for those who have subscribed to me! It actually meant a lot and I promise to be more diligent in the future!!!


Anchors Away my boys!!!

Love and Happiness,

Mourningdoves7 >*<


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